On November 22nd Hull University Business School hosted our ‘Human Firewall’ event. Promoted to educate businesses on the Human Firewall, current cyber risks and how to protect their business assets from such threats.

Norman Mortell, Operations Director at Agenda Screening Services and Dr Dionysios Demetis from the Hull University Business School presented on current issues and how to reduce the risk of your company being susceptible to cybercrime. Norman highlighted the importance of creating a human firewall and how pre-employment screening is a key factor for increasing amount of companies knowing who the people are coming into their organisation and deterring people with bad intent.  Dr Dionysios Demetis delivered a fantastic presentation on current issues and world leading information created from intricate studies by himself and other leading colleagues worldwide. Both presentations sparked fantastic audience interaction and members went away with valuable knowledge and a clearer idea on how to implement relevant steps within their individual organisation thus creating a safer Humber.


Left to Right, Norman Mortell, Gordon Meldrum and Dr Dionysios Demetis

The event included local examples and the legal implications of cybercrime and delegates took away a key message that cyber-attacks continue to have a significant impact on business, did you know that?

  • 90% of large and 74% of small businesses had a security breach
  • 50% of worst breaches caused by human error
  • 83% of consumers concerned about business access to data
  • 58% said a breach would discourage them using a business in the future

About the Humber Business Resilience Forum (HBRF):

  • The HBRF is a forum launched to ensure that businesses can access the most up to date expertise and information to protect themselves from security threats. This forum will create a secure Humber region in which business and other organisations can flourish, through educating businesses to Prepare For, Respond to and Emerge from an attack.
  • Membership is completely free to the HBRF, please don’t delay visit hbrf.co.uk for details of the next event, registration is advised.