2016! It was the year that brought major breaches at TalkTalk, Three, Tesco bank and Ashley Madison amongst many, many others. 2017 has its own predictions, but the question everyone should be asking is, who will be next and will I be affected?

One of the most important points to remember. Use strong passwords that no one can guess and ensure each account on each site uses a different password.

Here’s an example. If you had shopped with Tesco Direct and someone got your password, they would have access to your name, address, financial information and email address. What are the chances you use this email address for other services? High. So the next step would be to go to your Gmail, Hotmail, etc and try to log in using the same password. If it works, that person now has pretty much your whole online presence. Think about that for a second, that could be devastating and life changing.