cyberattackshutterstock_530695006The possibility of a cyber-attack these days is more likely a ‘when’ than an ‘if’, and hackers are getting smarter and more resilient.

Ransomware. Get used to the name because it works and it is literally everywhere! Every work place is a target and hackers are using Ransomware to get their ‘quick fix’ – recently targeting senior members of staff, attackers can quickly gain access to important information such as staff and banking data.

Because of Ransomware, businesses are having to up their security game, and are turning to AI and machine learning to provide prevention, detection, forensics and remediation of attacks.

However, AI isn’t the be-all and end-all, Security and IT professionals are pushing the concept of the Human Factor. End users can have a massive impact on the security of a business online and are often classed as the “weakest link”. Providing engaging and consistent training for staff can really help with cyber awareness, and stop people making silly decisions when online – people are often far more concerned about being hacked personally, and are far laxer when it comes to cyber security in the workplace due to the assumption that it is nothing to do with them!

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