The Humber Business Resilience Forum

Our aim is to ensure that businesses can access the most up to date expertise and information to protect themselves from security threats. We will create a secure Humber region in which business and other organisations can flourish, through educating businesses to Prepare for, Respond to and Emerge from an attack.

Introducing the new chair of the HBRF

The Humber Business Resilience Forum is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Withers from Agenda Screening Services as the new Chair of the Humber Business Resilience Forum.

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Cyber Attack – Are you prepared?

The Humber Business Resilience Forum ran an excellent ‘Are you prepared for a Cyber Attack’ event today. Led by Detective Sergeant Steven Dennison from the Cybercrime Investigation Team, Humberside Police, he was joined by one of the UKs top data security consultants, Tom Chappelow from Data Protection People.

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Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) 2018

For the fifth year in a row, Europol has produced the Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA). The aim of this Assessment is to provide a comprehensive overview of the current, as well as anticipated future threats and trends of crimes conducted and/or facilitated online. While current events demonstrate how cybercrime continues to evolve, this year’s IOCTA shows us how law enforcement has to battle both innovative as well as persistent forms of cybercrime.

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Countering Cyber Threat

If anyone still harboured doubts aboutthe severity of the threat, the events of the past year should have dispelled them. From the WannaCry ransomware attack to the hacking of one of the world’s largest credit agencies, 2017 produced numerous reminders that operating in a connected world has fearsome perils.

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Cyber-attacks and how to develop a successful cyber strategy.

Large amounts of personal data are stored and transmitted across IT systems and there is increasing awareness of how this data is both used and misused, particularly in the light of recently large scale data breaches, such as the recent cyber-attack on the NHS IT system in 2017.

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