Records show that British companies have reported more cyber crime and fraud attacks that any other country in the world, second only to Colombia!

  • 92% of business owners confirmed that they had experienced a cyber attack or loss of information in 2016.
  • Computer Viruses  and insider theft were the most common types of crime.
  • Ex Employees were identified as the most common perpetrators, with customer records being the highest target.

“It’s becoming and increasingly risky world, with the largest ever proportion of companies reporting fraud and similarly high levels of cyber and security breaches. […] With fraud, cyber , and security incidents becoming the new normal for companies all over the world, it’s clear that organisations need to have systemic processes in place to prevent, detect, and respond to these risks if they are to avoid reputational and financial damage.” – Tommy Helsby, Khroll Co-Chairman (source)

Security and IT professionals are warning businesses more than ever to make sure staff are fully trained in cyber essentials and aware of any possible breaches in security.