shutterstock_3267986992016 saw a huge increase on the number of cyber-attacks aimed at UK businesses, and this shows no sign of slowing down.

With the Internet of Things becoming ever more prominent in day-to-day life, hackers have more opportunities than ever to gain access to people’s information.

What is the Internet of Things? I hear you ask … look around yourself: every device that connects you to the internet, and can send and receive data. From mobile devices to cameras, even heating systems and ‘smart appliances’ these days!

More and more businesses are adopting new strategies to connect with potential and existing clients that rely on this way of sharing information, and it’s opening up holes in cyber defences like never before. It’s now more important than ever that companies take responsibility to ensure the safety of their business, clients and staff online.

“By the end of last year, more than 90 per cent of cyber attacks on UK businesses sought to take control of connected devices in the workplace” (source), are you doing enough to avoid cyber attacks on yourself and/or your company?