Apple are currently looking into their iOS operating system after the discovery that hackers are able to target iPhones and install spyware on iPhone user’s phones by simply getting users to click on a link in a text or email.

The discovery was made after a human rights lawyer was targeted and sent text messages at the start of this month. The lawyer, Ahmed Mansoor reported the texts which has led to the start of this investigation by Apple.

Apple have found that there are three flaws within the iPhone’s system which makes them vulnerable for targeting. Once this spyware link has been clicked on and activated, the iPhone becomes a way for a person to be spied on, allowing the hacker access to the camera and microphone, recording messages sent through chat apps as well as recording WhatsApp and Viber calls and also giving them the ability to track the owner’s movements.

The ability to access these things about a person’s life, movements and conversations could become very significant if a person of a certain status’ phone was hacked. This is why Apple are looking into the problem with such vigour, to try and make sure that nothing like this happens again in the future.

It is interesting to see that a giant company such as Apple are struggling with these breaches of security, proving that even the huge companies of the world are at risk of cyber attacks.

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