F5 networks revealed recently through a new research project that Brits have conflicting views on cybercrime. As featured in an article in SC Magazine, the magazine for IT Professionals, half of UK consumers would not share data or purchase products or services from a company that have been hacked in the past. Willing to vote with their feet when it comes to cyber security, customers are certainly voicing their opinion. Businesses need to improve their own defences when it comes to Cyber Crime, by educating customers, investing in cyber security, educating staff and reducing the risk of insider threat.  If businesses get it wrong, the effect will certainly show on the bottom line.

Businesses in the Humber region can prepare for, respond to and emerge from a cyber-attack with the help of the Humber Business Resilience Forum (HBRF). The main aim of forum is to make the Humber region more resilient to cyber-attack and a more secure place to do business in cyberspace. Visit our website for more information and details on how to become a member.