On the 28th of September the HBRF held a breakfast meeting at the C4DI titled ’10 Steps to Prepare for a Cyber Attack’. The event had two speakers from very important companies within our area, two board members, Steve Southern of KCOM and Paul Brady of PWC.

The event focused on preparing your business for cyber-attacks and knowing how to pick up on these problems and arm your business against them before they happen. The ten steps that were discussed were the following –

  1. Information Risk Management Regime
  2. Network Security
  3. Malware Protection
  4. Managing User Privileges
  5. User Education & Awareness
  6. Incident Management
  7. Monitoring
  8. Home & Mobile Working
  9. Secure Configuration
  10. Removable Media Controls

Here’s some information on some of the steps in greater detail –

Information Risk Management Regime
If you have a board then this is something that the board should have a plan in place to manage and control. A clear understanding should be had of the important information that is required to run the business, who has access to this information and where is this information stored. As your business grows, the threats and vulnerabilities of this information should be reviewed.

Network Security
Any network that is connected to the internet comes with an element of risk, because of this risk you need to implement controls to stop this risk manifesting and becoming a security breach. Once these are in place it is a good idea to have them independently tested, as although you may feel you are secure, technology is changing all of the time and you could have a weakness that you are unaware of.

Without the ability to monitor their cyber security, organisations will not be able to – detect attacks, react to attacks or account for activity. This must be monitored at all times in order to find the bad guys within your network – these could be inside or outside of the business but both must be kept an eye on in order for your business not to fall afoul of cyber threats.

Our Objectives:

  • To make the Humber region more resilient to cyber-attacks and better able to protect interests in cyberspace.
  • To assist the Humber region to tackle cybercrime and be one of the most secure places in the UK to do business in cyberspace.
  • To assist the Humber region to develop the cross cutting capacity, capabilities, knowledge and skills to underpin objectives 1 and 2.

Upcoming events
If you would like to join us at a future event then the Forum have two exciting events coming up which we would love to have you attend. We have one event on the 17th of October called ‘Could Your Business Survive A Cyber Attack?’, this is being held at Melton Police Station and is in association with Humberside Police. Further details can be found here. Our next event after this is being held on the 22nd of November and will discuss ‘The Human Firewall – Countering Cyber Risk!’, this helps you to know what threats the people within your organisation could pose to your security. Further information and tickets can be reserved here.