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Our aim is to ensure that businesses can access the most up to date expertise and information to protect themselves from security threats. We will create a secure Humber region in which business and other organisations can flourish, through educating businesses to Prepare for, Respond to and Emerge from an attack.

Complicated passwords? Not anymore!

Bill Burr, Password Guru, once told the world that passwords must be complicated to make them secure – think 0 substituted for o, 5 substituted for s, upper and lower-case letters alongside random numbers and punctuation – it turns out he got this pretty wrong, and...

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GDPR … It’s coming and BREXIT won’t stop it!

We all know the Data Protection Act and think that the GDPR is not going to be that different, some people think that it is just some bureaucrats in Brussels tinkering around and trying justify their salary. BUT: If you are of this mindset stop, look in the mirror and...

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Fake Companies House complaint malspam delivering a banking trojan

An email with the subject of Company Complaint pretending to come from Companies House but actually coming from a look-a-like domain Companies House with a malicious word doc attachment is today’s latest spoof of a well known company, bank or public authority delivering a banking Trojan which will either be Trickbot, dridex or Emotet banking Trojans.

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